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Featured Products

Anaccord: Market Leading Audio Speaker Manufacturer & Factory

Our Audio Product Showcase

As one of the market leading audio speakers manufacturers in Taiwan & China , Anaccord offers one of the widest range of audio speaker products from outdoor wall mount speaker to in-wall ceiling speaker, from PA speakers system to subwoofer speakers, power audio amplifier and other audio products. Each of our audio speakers products are developed with the right mix of elegant design, market driven features , robust material and components, to satisfy different price range and market segments for our client around the globe

Outdoor Wall Mount Speakers

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Professional Audio Speakers Manufacturer & Audio Products Developer

Wall Mount and Outdoor Speakers

Robustly Built For All Season Use

As a professional wall mount outdoor speakers manufacturer, Anaccord strive to develop our Wall Mount and Outdoor Speakers with the perfect balance between durability and high quality sound. Each and Every outdoor speaker are designed to be easy to install and are all manufactured with Premium Grade Components and Material to make them  “Built To Last” !

Indoor In-wall and Ceiling Speakers

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Professional Audio Speakers Manufacturer & Audio Products Developer

In-Wall Ceiling and Indoor Speakers

Elegant Design with Seamless Installation

Anaccord’s In-Wall & Ceilng indoor speakers offer a wide range of selection for anyone to built a robust in-wall and ceiling speaker system or any other indoor speaker system one can imagine. These indoor speakers are all robustly built with durable material with elegant and seamless design, and are all simple and fast to install and deploy.

Portable Trolley Stage and PA Speakers System

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Professional Audio Speakers Manufacturer & Audio Products Developer

Portable,Trolley, Stage and PA Speakers

For Concert, Event and Street Performance

Our Stage & PA Speakers covers a wide variety of usage. Whether you are looking for a stage speakers system for a full fledged concert, portable stage speaker set for small to medium performance or speakers with wheels (AKA Trolley Speakers) for mobility and street performance, you will find the perfect speaker solution here.

Subwoofer Speakers for Bass Optimization

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Professional Audio Speakers Manufacturer & Audio Products Developer

Subwoofer Speakers

For Superior BASS Optimization

Anaccord’s Subwoofer Speakers series is a definite Essential Addoa for a variety of audio speaker system. The material used in all our subwoofer speakers are the same premium grade material we used in all our range of outdoor, indoor, in-wall and ceiling speakers…etc. and each subwoofer speakers is carefully “engineered” to provide that perfect bass you are looking for.

High Performance Power Audio Amplifiers

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Professional Audio Speakers Manufacturer & Audio Products Developer


For High Quality Audio Performance

 Anaccord’s Powerful Audio Amplifier Series provide a simple, yet flexible and powerful solution for your outdoor, indoor speakers of all types including subwoofers. They are designed to provide the user with the capability to easily enhance, tweak and fune tune the entire audio sound speaker system.

Special Project Audio Speaker Solutions

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Professional Audio Speakers Manufacturer & Audio Products Developer

Special Project : Audio Speakers Solutions

For Industrial, Business & Consumer Products

With 30 years expertise in audio speakers and sound engineering solution, Annacord is more than Just any audio speakers factory or manufacturer, we have the full capacity to provide both ODM and OEM  Audio Product Design and  also Professional Sound Engineering Solution that can expand our products into industrial, business and consumer market.

Multi-Media Speakers

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Multi-Media Speakers

Multi-Media Speakers

Sound Surround System

Anaccord’s multi-media Speakers  offer a wide range of selection for anyone to quickly built a sound surround system. You can also  include wireless Bluetooth Technology and usage for home theater system. As a professional imulti-media manufacturer, our multi-media speakers are all robustly built with durable material, comes with elegant and seamless design, and are all simple and fast to install and deploy. 

What We Can Do?

Audio Speaker Manufacturer with DDM & Consulting Service

We are a Professional Audio Speakers Manufacturer and Audio Product Solution Developer in Taiwan and China that offer a Complete DDM (Design-Develop-Manufacture ) and Consulting services for our clients around the globe

Design Develop Manufacture Consulting

Audio Product Design & Development

We provide full Design, Develop and Manufacturing (DMM) service for a wide range of audio speakers and products

OEM/ODM Private Label Projects

We can undertake OEM and/or ODM Private Label project in all shapes and sizes

Full Service Manufacturing

You can Leverage your audio speaker product business with our 30 years combined Expertise in Audio Speakers and Sound Engineering Solutions

Our Expertise and Advantage

built to last
product design

All our audio speakers products are designed with the perfect balance of durability , functionality & leading audio technology

premium grade Craftmanship

Our audio products are made from "A Grade" premium material with design to give each product a sleek, elegant & polish look and feel.

fast and agile manufacturing

You will be working with ISO certified engineers and factory who are experience, fast and agile to your audio business need

cutting edge components

We specialize in choosing the right mix of high quality audio parts & component with the right pricing to satisfy a wide market reach.

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About Anaccord Electronic Technonolgy Co., Ltd.

 Anaccord Electronic Technology is a Taiwan & China Based leading audio speaker manufacturer and developer of audio related products like power audio amplifiers and sound engineering solution for consumer electronic, business and industrial applications.

  Our products and solutions range from high end audio speakers system including wall mount, in-wall & ceiling speakers to portable stage PA speakers system and other consumer multi-media audio speakers. We also develop deep bass sub-woofers,  high fidelity audio amplifiers and provide professional sound engineering consulting to a network of clients and business associates that stretched across USA, ME, EU, Japan and Asia.

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Audio Speakers Manufacturer with Over 30 Years of EXPERTISE in Audio Technology and Sound Engineering


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