Multi-Media Speakers

Multi-Media Speakers

Sound Surround System

Anaccord’s multi-media Speakers  offer a wide range of selection for anyone to quickly built a sound surround system. You can also  include wireless Bluetooth Technology and usage for home theater system. As a professional imulti-media manufacturer, our multi-media speakers are all robustly built with durable material, comes with elegant and seamless design, and are all simple and fast to install and deploy. 

Anaccord :Multi-Media Speakers Manufacturer

Product Showcase

As one of the Leading multi-media speakers Manufacturers in Taiwan and China, Anaccord’s multi-media speakers comes in all shapes and sizes, with market driven features, specifications and functionality that cover most of the multi-media speakers’ market. Each multi-media speakers are designed and developed with the highest quality of raw material, audio components and parts. You can click on the following product image for more details


Sub 5.1 | Bluetooth Multi-Media Speakers Set-MA-31 and MS-851D


Sub 5.1 | Bluetooth Multi-Media Speakers Set


MA-51F Multi-Media Speakers

Evolve Sub 2.1 | Bluetooth Multi-Media Speakers Set


Matching Speakers with Amplifier- MX-50F & WB-50-Series


Matching Speakers with Amplifier- MX-50F & WB-160-Series


Matching Speakers with Amplifier- MX-51F & WB-160-Series


MX-52F Multi-Media Speakers


MX-50-60 Bluetooth Audio Speakers

MA-8D-B-1 Audio Speakers

MA-8D-B Multi-Media bluetooth Audio Speakers for PC