Multi-Media Speakers

Multi-Media Speakers

Sound Surround System

Anaccord’s multi-media Speakers  offer a wide range of selection for anyone to quickly built a sound surround system. You can also  include wireless Bluetooth Technology and usage for home theater system. As a professional imulti-media manufacturer, our multi-media speakers are all robustly built with durable material, comes with elegant and seamless design, and are all simple and fast to install and deploy. 

Anaccord :Multi-Media Speakers Manufacturer

Product Showcase

As one of the Leading multi-media speakers Manufacturers in Taiwan and China, Anaccord’s multi-media speakers comes in all shapes and sizes, with market driven features, specifications and functionality that cover most of the multi-media speakers’ market. Each multi-media speakers are designed and developed with the highest quality of raw material, audio components and parts. You can click on the following product image for more details


2.1 Soundbar SXC10 |Bluetooth Multi-Media Speaker


Sub 5.1 | Bluetooth Multi-Media Speakers Set-MA-31 and MS-851D


Sub 5.1 | Bluetooth Multi-Media Speakers Set

Evolve Sub 2.1 | Bluetooth Multi-Media Speakers Set


MX-52F Multi-Media Speakers

MA-8D-B-1 Audio Speakers

MA-8D-B Multi-Media bluetooth Audio Speakers for PC