Power Audio Amplifier Manufacturer and Audio Products Developer


For High Quality Audio Performance

 Anaccord’s Powerful Audio Amplifier Series provide a simple, yet flexible and powerful solution for your outdoor, indoor speakers of all types including subwoofers. They are designed to provide the user with the capability to easily enhance, tweak and fune tune the entire audio sound speaker system.

Anaccord: Power Audio Amplifier Manufacturer

Product Showcase

Anaccord role as a Power Audio Amplifier Manufacturer is really to “show of muscles” on our Product Development Capabilities. Our team have over 30 Years of expertise not only in Audio Speakers but Audio and Sound Engineering as well. By adding power audio amplifiers into our product line, we aspire to not ONLY be a audio speakers manufacturer, but also a Full Fledge Audio Products Solution Provider as well. Check out our line of audio amplifier products  below…

SA-100 Class-D Switch Power High Efficiency Design SA Series

SA-100 Class-D Professional Amplifiers

SA-150 Class-D Switch Power Audio SA Series SA Series

SA-150 Class-D Professional Amplifiers

SA-200 Class-D Switch Power Audio SA Series

SA-200 Class-D Professional Amplifiers

SA-250 Class-D Professional Amplfiers

SA-250 Class-D Professional Amplifiers

SA-350 Class-D Switch Power Audio SA Series

SA-350 Class-D Professional Amplifiers

SA-300 Class-D Switch Power Audio SA Series

SA-300 Class-D Professional Amplifiers

SA-600 Class-D Switch Power Audio SA Series

SA-600 Class-D Professional Amplifiers

SA-500 Class-D Switch Power Audio SA Series

SA-500 Class-D Professional Amplifiers

BA-50D-Full-Range-Amplifiers -1

B-50A-50D Full Range Wireless Audio Power Amplifiers B Series


PA-1000 Professional Audio Power Amplifiers


PB-240 Bluetooth Mixer Audio Power Amplifiers PB Series

WB-100-160-1 Hybrid Wireless Amplifiers

WB-100 and 160 Wifi & Bluetooth Amplifiers

B-100A-1 Wireless Amplifiers

B-100A Wireless Full Range Power Amplifiers

WB-50-1 Hybrid Wireless Amplifiers

WB-50 Wifi and Bluetooth Power Amplifiers