Anaccord's Signature Product of Year ( Q1 2019)

Anaccord Eclipse

IPX66 Waterproof Multi-Install
Designer’s Wall Mount Speakers

Model No. : HT-40/50/60

Eclipse HT-40/50/60 IPX66 Waterproof Multi-Install Wall Mount Speakers, Anaccord’s  first Signature Product of 2019 offers beyond the usual features and functions of wall mount speakers. Experience More Freedom and Flexibility in installation scenarios with the choice of a flexible  360° wall mount install , or hanging it like a modern art piece from the ceilings, or you can even seamlessly merge into the ground of a garden or any outdoor scenarios.  Eclipse HT-40/50/60 Waterproof wall mount speakers is built with 1 inch high frequency tweeter and a choice of 4″, 5″ or 6″low frequency driver respectively,  with durable premium grade material,  cutting edge audio component & parts  for great audio sound results.


Multi-Installation Scenarios

Eclipse HT-40/50/60 IPX66 Waterproof Multi-Install Wall Mount Speakers

Design & Features Highlight

Eclipse HT-40/50/60 IPX66 Waterproof Multi-Install Wall Mount Speakers

Freedom and Flexibility

In an Elegant and Seamless Design

“The core design concept behind Anaccord Eclipse can sum up in 2 simple words….Freedom and Flexibility! With a look and feel of an Modern Art Piece , Eclipse speakers is our initiative to open up brand new pathways for wall mount speakers design where user have More Freedom on where and how they can install the speaker units. 

The name “Eclipse” signifies an ushering of a positive Change, a point of endings into New Beginnings, , with new knowledge and more freedom of choice in life.”


IPX66 Waterproof Certified

Ideal for ALL Outdoors Application

Within the Modern Art Design of Eclipse HT-40/50/60 Waterproof Multi-Install Designer’s Wall Mount Speakers is the use of premium grade material with an ideal tensile strength PLUS a certified IPX66 Waterproof standard that can meet the demands for various demanding commercial environments.


Multiple Installation Options

Freedom of Choice with Zero Hassle Assembly,

Eclipse is designed for you to choose freely between

  • A 360° Fast and Secure  wall-mount placement or you can
  • Hang it like a “Modern Art Piece”  from the ceiling, or even
  • Place them vertically on the ground or inserted into the soil to merge seamlessly into all kinds of outdoor scenarios. 



Public Address (PA) Functions Enabled

Multiple Choice of TAPS for even MORE user scenarios

Easily transform Eclipse into a add a Public Address (PA) Speakers with various transformer options as follows:

  • For HT-40 : 8Ω-0-20W-10W-5W-2.5W
  • For HT-50 : 8Ω-0-30W-15W-7.5W-3.7W
  • For HT-60 : 8Ω-0-40W-20W-10W-5W

The Anaccord Advantage

Eclipse HT-40/50/60 IPX66 Waterproof Multi-Install Wall Mount Speakers

Basic Specification

  • Tweeter : HF Unit (HT-40/50/60)
    – 1 inch x 1
    – Material: Silk soft dome
  • Woofer :  LF Unit (HT-40/50/60)
  • – 4″ x 1 / 5″ * 1 / 6″ x 1
    – Material: Graphite Cone, Rubber Surround
  • Impedance(AC) :  8Ω
  • Sensitivity( Output SPL) (HT-40/50/60)
    – 83±3dB / 84±3dB / 85±3dB
  • Frequency Range+/-3 (Freq.Range) (HT-40/50/60)
    – 129±20Hz / 118±20Hz / 100±20Hz
  • Power Handling RMS (Rated Input power)(HT-40/50/60)
    –  20W / 30W / 40W
  • Termination : Pluggable Terminal Blocks
  • Taps(Transformer power) :

       –  HT-40 : 8Ω-0-20W-10W-5W-2.5W
       –  HT-50 : 8Ω-0-30W-15W-7.5W-3.7W
       –  HT-60 : 8Ω-0-40W-20W-10W-5W

  • Housing Material : PP
  • Dimension(H*W*D)(HT-40/50/60)
    –  HT-40 : 190*138*138mm
    –  HT-50 : 240*170*170mm
    –  HT-60 : 280*208*208mm
  • Net Weight (HT-40/50/60)
    -1.63kg / 2.38kg / 2.61kg
  • Cut out diameter ( For Ceiling Speakers only) :NA
  • Certifications : IPX66 Waterproof Certified

Other Features

  • Installation: Wall Mount
  • Attachment: Brackets  /  Safety rope
  • Accessory: N/A
  • Weather Proof: IPX66 waterproof speaker
  • Wireless Enable: N/A
  • PA Transformer: Yes
  • Multi Device Connections: N/A

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