Multi-Media Bookshelf & Monitor Speakers JT Series

JT-08 Audio Bookshelf Speakers

Anaccord’s JT-08 Multi-Media Bookshelf Speakers are built with the right mix of audio parts and components to work seamlessly with it’s High Quality Cabinet Design.

These audio speakers are very versatile and can be used as main speakers for a compact living space or even for a surround sound deployment for your home theater system.

Main Product Features

For JT-08 Wall Multi-Media Bookshelf Audio Speaker Series

Basic Specification

  • LF Unit : 8 inch x 1
  • HF Driver : 1.5 inch x 1
  • Impedance(AC) : 4Ω
  • Frequency Range : 50~20KHz±3dB
  • Rated Output Power : 50W
  • Max Output Power : 100W
  • Input:
    – RCA Unbalanced
    – XLR Balanced
    – 6.35 Balanced
  • HF Adjust : -2dB,-1dB,0dB,+1dB
  • Dimension(H*W*D) : 385*265*305mm
  • Net Weight : 10.16kg
  • Out carton size(L*W*H) : 720*420*490mm
  • Inner carton size(L*W*H) : 400*340*465mm

Other Features

  • Installation: Plug and Play
  • Weather Proof: NA
  • Wireless Enable: NA
  • PA Transformer: TBD
  • Accessories:- Standard

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