Outdoor Wall Mount Speakers JX Series

JX-60K/80K Outdoor Wall Mount Speakers

JX-60k/80k wall mount speakers are part of Anaccord’s  Outdoor Wall Mount Speakers audio products line with very elegant and sleek housing design and this is one set of active and passive per each.

Like all Anaccord’s audio speaker products, JX-60K/80K Outdoor wall mount speakers are made from carefully selected premium grade material for durability and within the superior housing design are cutting edge audio component & parts that will deliver great audio sound results.

Products has been tested, and acquired certification

* Only some products are not included

・All speakers can acquire ROHS,CE and EMC certification.

・All waterproof series speakers can acquire the waterproof certification.

Main Product Features

For JX-60K / 80K Outdoor Wall Mount Speakers JX Series

Basic Specification

  • Output Power Input ( JX-60K/80K ):
    – 2*80W
  • sensitivity :
    -600±50mv / 600±50mv
  • Signal-to-noise ratio :  ≥75dB
  • Frequency Response ( JX-60K/80K  ): 
  • Power supply ( JX-60K/80K ): 
    -AC 115/230V 50-60Hz / AC 115/230V 50-60Hz
  • Speaker ( JX-60K/80K ) : 
    -6.5″Woofer 1″ Tweeter
    – 8″Woofer 1″ Tweeter
  • Input ( JX-60K/80K ): 
    – AUX/MIC/2.4G MIC
    – AUX/MIC/2.4G MIC
  • Output ( JX-60K/80K ): – RCA
  • Opposite frequency( JX-60K/80K ): -2.4G/IR
  • Dimension(H*W*D):
    – JX-60K: 360*235*220mm
    – JX-80K: 420*271*241mm
  • Net Weight:
    -6.25kg / 7.63kg

Other Features

  • Installation: Wall Mount
  • Attachment: Brackets,Rotary buttom
  • Weather Proof: YES
  • Wireless Enable: YES
  • PA Transformer: TBD
  • Accessories:- Standard Wall Mount Kit

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