Multi-Media, Monitor & Bookshelf Audio Speakers MA Series

MA-61 /62 Multi-Media Speakers

MA-61 and MA-62 Multi-Media Audio Speakers are build and design for simplicity and durability.

They are part of Anaccord’s Multi-Media Audio Speakers series that provide a simple plug and play audio solution for user who only want the most essential features and function.

Main Product Features

For MA-61 & MA-62 Multi-Media Audio Speakers Series

Basic Specification

  • Frequency response
    – For MA-61 : 110Hz-20KHz±3dB
    – For MA-62 : 100Hz-20KHz±3dB
  • Nominal Impedence : 4Ω
  • Speaker:
    – For MA-61 : 4”Coaxial
    – For MA-62 : 5”Coaxial
  • System sensitivity :
    – For MA-61 : 84±2dB
    – For MA-62 : 86±2dB
  • Maximum SPL(MA-61/62): 98dB / 101dB
  • Power(MA-61/62): 20W~40W / 30W~40W
  • Dimension(H*W*D)
    – For MA-61 : 202*143*200mm
    – For MA-62 : 258*182*220mm
  • Net Weight(MA-61/62):1.71kg / 2.4kg

Other Features

  • Installation: Plug and Play
  • Weather Proof: NA
  • Wireless Enable: NA
  • PA Transformer: TBD
  • Accessories:- Standard

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