Anaccord's Signature Product | HTB-41/51/61/81

IPX66 Waterproof Multi-Scenario Audio Speakers

Wall Mount  | Ceiling Hang | Outdoor Landscape Speakers

Anaccord’s NEPTUNE IPX66 HTB-41/51/61/81 Waterproof Multi-Install Designers Speaker reinvent a new whole trend in the installations audio speakers market where Superb Audio Performance is delivered in a Minimalist Modern Art Design. Another Anaccord Signature Product, Neptune is Flexible and Versatile, it can be used as a Wall Mount Speaker, Ceiling Hang Speaker or Outdoor Landscape Speakers.

NEPTUNE HTB41/51/81 IPX66 Certifiled Waterproof PA Speakers

Neptune  offers the users the freedom to all kinds of usage scenarios. User can use Neptune as a regular indoor or outdoor wall mount speakers, or place them on the ground as a out door landscape speakers or even hanging it from the ceiling as a home decor elements with like a Modern Minimalist Art Piece.

NEPTUNE IPX66 Waterproof | Wall Mount | Ceiling Hang | Landscape Speaker

Great Audio with Modern Art Appeal

Multi-Install Scenarios + Modern Arti's Look and Feel

“We developed Neptune to reinvent a new design trend for multi-installation speakers market where Superb Audio Performance merged seamlessly with Modern Art Appeal

Neptune is considered by many a planet of inspirations and dreams with a youthful spirit.We chose this name to reflect the subtle unique look and feel yet are capable of delvering a powerful audio experience of HTB41/51/61/81″ 

— Steve Ko , GM & Brainchild of Neptune Speaker series



Exclusive OBE Technology

Optimal Bass Enhancement Radiator

A State-of-the Art Bass Radiator Design using Anacord’s Exclusive Optimal BASS Enhancement (OBE) Technology that will deliver an outstanding deep and clear bass audio experience even without any extra subwoofer support


IPX66 Waterproof

Perfect for Outdoors Application

Within the robustly built modern art speaker’s cabinets is the use of premium grade material with the perfect tensile strength PLUS a certified IPX66 Waterproof standard to meet the demands for various commercial environments.


Hanging Bracket for 8 inch

  • Easy to Install
  • Hanging Bracket


Wall Mount Bracket for 8 inch

  • Easy to Install
  • 360 ° Rotary Bracket


Place on the Ground Bracket for 8 inch

  • Easy to Install
  • Place on the ground bracket


The Anaccord Advantage

For NEPTUNE IPX66 Waterproof | Wall Mount | Ceiling Hang | Landscape Speaker

Basic Specification

LF Unit

-HTB-41: 4’’ (100 mm) Graphite Cone , Rubber Surround

-HTB-51: 5’’ (125mm) Graphite Cone , Rubber Surround

-HTB-61: 6.5’’ (165 mm) Graphite Cone , Rubber Surround

-HTB-81: 8’’ (203mm) Graphite Cone , Rubber Surround

  • HF Driver: HTB-41 – 0.75 inch / HTB-51- 0.75 inch/HTB-61-1 inch/HTB-81-1.1 inch
  • Impedance(AC): 8Ω
  • Output SP: For HTB41 : 83±3dB/ For HTB51 : 84±3dB/For HTB81 : 86±3dB

Freq. Range:

-HTB-41:75Hz-20k Hz ±3

-HTB-51: 55Hz-20k Hz ±3

-HTB-61: 43 Hz-20k Hz
-HTB-81: 32Hz-20k Hz ±3

Power Handling RMS:
-HTB-41: 40W program ,20 W (IEEE 219 )
-HTB-51: 60W program ,30 W (IEEE 219 )

-HTB-61: 60W program ,40 W (IEEE 219 )
-HTB-81: 80W program ,50 W (IEEE 219 )






-HTB-41: 8Ω,0,20W,10W,5W,2.5W
-HTB-51: 8Ω,0,30W,15W,7.5W,3.75W

-HTB-61: 8Ω,0,40W,20W,10W,5W
-HTB-81: 8Ω,0,50W,25W,12.5W,6.25W

-HTB-41: Pluggable Terminal Blocks
-HTB-51: Standard pressed connector

-HTB-61: Pluggable Terminal Blocks
-HTB-81: Pluggable Terminal Blocks

-HTB-41: 9.05’’ x 5.81” (230*147.8mm)
-HTB-51: 10.23’’ x 7.20” (260*183mm)

-HTB-61: 11.10’’ x 8.42’’ (282* 214mm)

-HTB-81:14.76’’ x 9.97’’ (375*253.4mm)

Other Features

  • Installation: Wall Mount / Ceiling Hang / Landscape  or Ground Mount
  • Water Proof: YES IPX66
  • Elegant Back Cover Design (OBE)
  • Wireless Enable: NA
  • OBE BASS Radiator
  • PA Transformer: TBD
  • Accessories:- Standard Wall Mount Kit/Brackets  grille/Safety rope(8″Hanging Only)

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