Professional Audio Power Amplifiers PA Series

PA-1000 Professional 1000 Watts Power Amplifiers

PA-1000 is one of Anaccord’s most powerful professional  audio amplifiers with 4 different choices of Power Output as follows: 500W*2@4Ω,1% THD ,  260W*2@8Ω, 1000W@4Ω(Bridged) or 550W@8(Bridged).

PA-1000 Audio Power Amplifiers is built for Durability and Impeccable Audio Performance in mind and comes with a 19″  Mounting Rack.

Main Product Features

PA-1000 Professional 1000 Watts Audio Power Amplifier Series

Basic Specification

  • Power supply : AC 115V,60Hz or 230V,50Hz
  • Power output :
    – 500W*2@4Ω,1% THD
    – 260W*2@8Ω
    – 1000W@4Ω(Bridged)
    – 550W@8(Bridged)
  • Total harmonic distortion :  – <=0.05% @20Hz~20KHz
  • Sensitivity : 1V(full power)
  • Signal to noise ratio : >100dB
  • Frequency response : 20Hz~20KHz
  • Input impedance
    – 10K(Unbalanced) 1/4” Phone / – 20K(Balanced)XLR
  • Indicator : Signal,Protection,Clip,Power
  • Speaker output : Binding Type or Speaker Jack
  • AC power consumption : 3000W
  • Dimension(H x W x D): 88*483*330MM
  • Weight : 16.5kg

Other Features

  • Installation: Plug and Play
  • Weather Proof: NA
  • Wireless Enable: NA
  • PA Transformer: NA
  • Accessories:- 19” Mounting RACK

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