In-Wall Indoor Audio Speakers IW Series


IW-503/603 803 are part of Anaccord’s In-Wall Speakers series that produce a full and rich sound, with 3 choices of dimensions and LF specifications among others.

The tweeter used in these in-wall speakers are crafted to deliver crisp, clear sounds regardless of which direction they are facing, with premium grade quality. material making them robust and durable.

Like most other Anaccord’s Audio Speakers, IW-503/603/803 In-Wall Audio Speakers can work on their own or be the part of a audio sound system.

Products has been tested, and acquired certification

* Only some products are not included

・All speakers can acquire ROHS,CE and EMC certification.

・All waterproof series speakers can acquire the waterproof certification.

Main Product Features

For IW-503 / 603 / 803 Indoor In-wall Speaker Series

Basic Specification

  • Tweeter : HF Unit (IW-503/603/803)
    -1 inch x 1
    -Material: Titanium soft dome
  • Woofer :  LF Unit (IW-503/603/803)
    -6.5 inch x 1 / 8 inch x 1/ 8 inch x2
    – Material: Graphite Cone, Rubber Surround
  • Impedance(AC) :  8Ω
  • Sensitivity( Output SPL) (IW-503/603/803)
    -For 503 : 86±3dB ; -For 603/803: 87±3dB
  • Frequency Range+/-3 (Freq.Range) (IW-503/603/803)
  • Power Handling RMS (Rated Input power)
    – For 503 : 40W / -For 603/803 : 50W
  • Termination : Standard pressed connector
  • Taps(Transformer power) : N/A
  • Housing Material : ABS
  • Dimension(H*W*D)(IW-503/603/803)
    – 90*428*185mm / 100*490*220mm /       100*556*255mm
  • Net Weight (IW-503/603/803)
    -3.04kg / 3.28kg / 4.43kg
  • Cut out diameter ( For Ceiling Speakers only) : 534*233 mm
  • Certifications : TBD

Other Features

  • Installation: Dog Leg
  • Attachment: grille
  • Accessory: Cut out template
  • Weather Proof: N/A
  • Wireless Enable: N/A
  • PA Transformer: TBD
  • Multi Device Connections

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