Anaccord's Signature Product of the Year

Anaccord RUBY

IPX66 Waterproof Outdoor
Wall Mount PA Speakers

Model No. : DC-1-B5 / B6 /B8

RUBY DC-B5/B6/B8 IPX66 Waterproof Outdoor Wall Mount PA Speakers is one of Anaccord’s Signature Products where we demonstrate our real strength in  audio product development and also in response to a new emerging market demand  for wall mount speakers that goes beyond the need of quality sound , but also in terms of  durability, light weight, easy to install  and a touch of aesthetic in the exterior design.

Product Video Overview

RUBY DC-1-B5/B6/B8 IPX66 Waterproof Wall Mount PA Speaker

Design & Features Highlight

RUBY DC-1-B5/B6/B8 IPX66 Waterproof Wall Mount PA Speaker

Aesthetic Appeal

Minimalist Streamlined Design

“We developed RUBY to redefine a new design trend for wall mount speakers market where Beauty, Durability, Performance and User Friendliness come as ONE CORE CONCEPT right from the initial stage of the product design.

The name Ruby was considered the stone of love, energy and a zest for life. It represents our passionate pursuit of Sound Purity in our audio products”

— Steve Ko , GM & Brainchild of RUBY Speaker series

Easy “Snap On” Parts

Hassle Free Assembly & Installation

Putting RUBY together is super easy, because every necessary parts, the front grill,the elegant back covers comes with a hassle free “Snap On” design. You can say goodbye to glue based assembly.


Exclusive OBE Technology

Optimal Bass Enhancement Radiator

A State-of-the Art Bass Radiator Design using Anacord’s Exclusive Optimal BASS Enhancement (OBE) Technology that will deliver an outstanding deep and clear bass audio experience even without any extra subwoofer support


IPX66 Waterproof

Perfect for Outdoors Application

Within the robustly built smooth curves speaker’s cabinets is the use of premium grade material with the perfect tensile strength PLUS a certified IPX66 Waterproof standard to meet the demands for various commercial environments.

STEALTH Speaker Mount

Robust, Seamless and Ultra Strong Mounting

RUBY Wall Mount Speakers also comes with a Ultra Strong STEALTH Speaker Mount that allow the speakers to be securely mounted while elegantly  merge to the walls of almost any interior or exterior décor.


Two Types of Terminations

You can choose freely.

RUBY Wall Mount Speakers is available with two types of Terminations, one is a Pluggable Terminal Blocks and the other is Standard Pressed Connector.

Elegant Rear Covers Design

A Touch of Modern Sophistication

These Unique Rear Covers “functional design”  not only helped to cover the Euroblock Connector and Bypass Selector (PA Transformer) in the rear of the speaker, it is also designed to merge seamlessly with the OBE Bass Radiator along with the overall design of Ruby , giving it an extra touch of modern sophistication.



2019 European Product Design Award

RUBY can deliver impeccable audio as well as clean and clear announcements for public address systems.
The Unique Rear Covers not only helped to cover the Euroblock Connector and Bypass Selector (PA Transformer) in the rear of the speaker, it is also designed to merge seamlessly with the OBE Bass Radiator and the overall design of Ruby Speakers giving it an extra touch of modern sophistication.

2020 German Design Award Winner

Graceful, solid and exceptional, Ruby combines gentle lines and compact state-of-the-art technology to present an outwardly stylish and highly functional weatherproof speaker.
Clip-on elements and modern features unite
with the look of the product to result in
a highly practical and desirable speaker.
— Statement of the jury

Basic Specification

  • Tweeter :
    -DC-01-B5/B6:1 inch *1
    -DC-01-B8:1.1 inch * 1
    -Material: Silk soft dome
  • Woofer :
    – DC-1-B5: 5 inch * 1
    – DC-1-B6: 6.5 inch * 1
    -DC-1-B8:8 inch * 1
    – Material: Graphite Cone, Rubber Surround
  • Impedance(AC) :  8Ω
  • Sensitivity( Output SPL)±3dB
    -DC-1-B5: 85dB
    -DC-1-B6: 86dB
    -DC-1-B8: 87dB
  • Frequency Range+/-3 (Freq.Range)
    -DC-01-B5:100 Hz-20kHz
    -DC-01-B6:90 Hz-20kHz
    -DC-01-B8:80 Hz-20kHz
  • Transformer power
    -DC-1-B5: TBD
    -DC-1-B6: 40W
    -DC-01-B8: 50W
  • Input power
    -DC-1-B5: TBD
    -DC-1-B6: 8Ω-0-40W-20W-10W-5W
    -DC-1-B8: -8Ω,0,50W,25W,12.5W,6.25W
  • Termination : Pluggable Terminal Blocks or Standard Pressed Connector
  • Housing Material : ABS
  • Dimension(H*W*D)
    -DC-1-B5: 258*170*161mm
    -DC-1-B6: 285*200*195mm
    -DC-01-B8: 381*250*250mm
  • Net Weight
    -DC-1-B5: 2.4kg
    -DC-1-B6: 3kg
    -DC-01-B8: 3.6kg
  • Certifications : IPX66 Waterproof Speaker

Other Features

  • Installation: Wall Mount
  • Water Proof: YES IPX66
  • Elegant Back Cover Design
  • Wireless Enable: NA
  • OBE BASS Radiator
  • PA Transformer: YES
  • Ultra Strong STEALTH Mount 
  • Accessories: Standard Wall Mount Kit
  • Attachment: Brackets  

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Anaccord's Signature Product of the Year

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