Subwoofer Speakers for Bass Enhancement SUB Series

SUB-A10FS Bury-in-ground Subwoofer Speakers

SUB-A10FS  is part of Anaccord’s Premium Subwoofer Speakers product that are elegantly designed for easy and seamless Perfect for Outdoors Application

Like any of Anaccord’s audio speakers products, these Subwoofer Speakers are built with the right mix of robust audio parts and components to have a balance for affordability and performance

Products has been tested, and acquired certification

* Only some products are not included

・All speakers can acquire ROHS,CE and EMC certification.

・All waterproof series speakers can acquire the waterproof certification.


OUTDOOR Landscape Subwoofer

IPX54 Waterproof subwoofer.

Unlock the full potential of your sound system with our bury-in-ground subwoofers. Designed to perfectly complement your Landscape Series Speakers, these game-changers come in three different woofer sizes and hit all the low notes with power and precision. Get ready for deep, pounding bass and a sound experience like no other.

Main Product Features

SUB-A10FS Speakers SUB Series

Basic Specification

  • Woofer :  LF Unit (SUB-A10FS)
  • -10″ x 1
    – Material: Graphite Cone, Rubber Surround
  • Impedance(AC) :  8Ω
  • Sensitivity( Output SPL) (SUB-10FS)
  • Frequency Range+/-3 (Freq.Range) 
  • Power Handling RMS (Rated Input power)
    –  600W program, 300W(IEEE 219)
  • Taps(Transformer power) : N/A
  • Housing Material : PP
  • Dimension


  • Net Weight (SUB-10FS)
  • Certifications : IP54

Other Features

  • Installation: ground
  • Attachment: Steel nail
  • Accessory: N/A
  • Weather Proof: IPX54
  • Wireless Enable: N/A
  • PA Transformer: TBD

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