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With 30 years expertise in audio speakers and sound engineering solution, Anaccord is more than Just any Multimedia Speakers Manufacturer or audio speakers factory . We have the full capacity to provide both ODM and OEM Audio Product Design and  Technology that can expand our products into various industries,  business and consumer market like Smart Speakers for Mobile and PC, Bluetooth and Wifi Speakers, Bookshelf Speakers and more…

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Product Showcase

These audio speakers products are under “Special Projects” in our product categories. They are either based on a”out of the box” ideas from our team or special request from clients looking to expand their business by leveraging on Anaccord’s expertise in Audio Product Design and Sound Technology and Engineering 


RUBY XSpira IPX66 Waterproof Desktop Coaxial Speakers | DC-B3


JT-W652U High Fidelity Audio Speakers


2.1 Soundbar SXC10 |Bluetooth Multi-Media Speaker


RUBY XSpira Advance IPX66 Waterproof Desktop Wall Coaxial Speakers | DC-03-M5-M6-M8

RUBY X-ONE IPX66 Waterproof Desktop Wall Full Range Speakers | DC-03-B5-B6-B8

Hi-end In-Wall speaker-IW-B-H83-0

IW-B-H84 Sirius | Home Theater Hi-End Speakers, In-Wall Speaker​

MA-3542 Multimedia Sound Bars

MA-3542 Multimedia Sound Bars By Anaccord


Sub 5.1 | Bluetooth Multi-Media Speakers Set-MA-31 and MS-851D


MSA5-6-8 High Fidelity Audio Speakers


JT-W652 High Fidelity Audio Speakers


MX-52 Bluetooth Audio Speakers


Diaphragm Box(For Φ51 )


NEPTUNE HTB-41/51/61/81 IPX66 Waterproof Multi-Installation Designers Speaker

Anaccord DC-B5-RUBY Tabletop speaker Series-001

RUBY DC-B5 IPX66 Waterproof Tabletop Speakers Series


MX-51F Multi-Media Speakers

Pre-construction Speaker Brackets for In Wall and Ceiling Speakers by Anaccord


MA-50-60 Bookshelf Audio Speakers

MA-42LCR-1 Bookshelf Audio Speakers

MA-42LCR Bookshelf Audio Center Speakers

RUBY DC-1-B5/B6/B8 IPX66 Waterproof Wall Mount PA Speakers

MA-61-4B-5B-6B Bookshelf and Multimedia Speakers MA Series

MA-61-62 Multi-Media Audio Speakers

MA-2A-1 Multimedia Column Speakers

MA-2A Multimedia Sound Bars By Anaccord