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Outdoor Wall Mount Speakers

Robustly Built For All Seasons Usage

As a professional Audio Wall Mount Speaker Manufacturer, Anaccord strives to develop each of our Wall Mount Speakers with the perfect balance of elegant exterior design, robust mechanical engineering  and high fidelity sound performance. Our wall mount speakers products cover an whole arrays of usage and applications which may include wireless wifi, or Bluetooth Technology and PA Speakers System. 

Each and Every of our Wall Mount speakers are designed to be easy to install and are all manufactured with Premium Grade Audio Components and Housing Material not only to have the right mix of functionality, performance and durability, but more importantly cost efficiency to help client capture the market they want. 

Anaccord: Outdoor Wall Mount Speaker Manufacturer

Product Showcase

Anaccord is NOT JUST another Wall Mount Speakers Manufacturers or Factory in China , Taiwan or any market; In fact, our Wall Mount Speakers line of products had helped a lot of client around the globe ( Including some of the “Big Boys” brand) to stay ahead of their market and competition. Depending on client specific need and market, our wall mount speakers can be weather proof, water proof, support wireless technology and PA speaker system and more.. We are sure you will find what you need here and if you don’t, we can develop a brand new wall mount speakers for you. 


RUBY XSpira Advance IPX66 Waterproof Desktop Wall Coaxial Speakers | DC-03-M5-M6-M8

RUBY X-ONE IPX66 Waterproof Desktop Wall Full Range Speakers | DC-03-B5-B6-B8


RUBY XSpira IPX66 Waterproof Desktop Wall Mount Coaxial Speakers | DC-03-H5-H6-H8


YT-520T-620T-820T Outdoor Wall Mount Speaker


NEPTUNE HTB-41/51/61/81 IPX66 Waterproof Multi-Installation Designers Speaker


HT-41-51-61-81 Outdoor /Indoor Wall Mount Speakers HT Series


Eclipse HT-40-50-60 IPX66 Waterproof Multi-Install Wall Mount Speakers


DC-43-53-63-83(T) Outdoor Wall Mount Speakers


DG-40F-50F-60F Outdoor Wall Mount Speakers DG Series


DG-LC-40-50-60-Outdoor Wall Mount Speakers DG-LC Series


DG-52A-DG-62A Outdoor Wall Mount Speakers


DG-SCF-50-60-51-61 Outdoor Wall Mount Speakers


DG-52-DG-62 Outdoor Wall Mount Speakers


DG-SJF-43-53-63 Outdoor Wall Mount Speakers


DG-62-LCR Outdoor Wall Mount Speakers

MA-31 Wall Mount Speakers_1

MA-31 MINI Satellite Loudspeaker

RUBY DC-1-B5/B6/B8 IPX66 Waterproof Wall Mount PA Speakers


DG-SJF-44-54-64 Outdoor Wall Mount Speakers

KB-602-802Outdoor Wall Mount Speakers

KB-602-802 Outdoor Wall Mount Speakers KB Series

KB-602-802Outdoor Wall Mount Speakers

JX-60K-80K Outdoor Wall Mount Speakers JX Series

JX-50AOutdoor Wall Mount Speakers

JX-50A Outdoor Wall Mount Speakers JX Series

JX-50-60-1Outdoor Wall Mount Speakers

JX-50-60 Outdoor Wall Mount Speakers JX Series

KB-601-801 Outdoor Wall Mount Speakers KB Series

KB-601-801 Outdoor Wall Mount Speakers KB Series

KB-600/800 Outdoor Wall Mount Speakers KB Series

KB-600-800 Outdoor Wall Mount Speakers KB Series

DG-LXF-41-51-61-2 Outdoor Wall Mount Speakers

DG-LXF41-51-61 Outdoor Wall Mount DG Series


DG-MT40 Outdoor Wall Mount DG Series


DG-SJF42-52-62 Outdoor Wall Mount DG Series


DG-SJF41-51-61 Outdoor Wall Mount Speakers DG Series


DG-SJF50-60 Outdoor Wall Mount DG Series

DC-LXF-42-52-62-Outdoor Wall Mount Speakers-0

DG-LXF-42-52-62 Outdoor Wall Mount DG Series

DG-LXF-50-60-80-Outdoor Wall Mount Speakers-0

DG-LXF30-50-60-80 Outdoor Wall Mount Speakers DG Series

DG-41F-51F-61F-Outdoor Wall Mount Speakers

DG-41F-51F-61F Outdoor Wall Mount Speakers DG Series

DG-301-Outdoor Wall Mount Speakers

DG-301 Outdoor Wall Mount Speakers DG Series


DG-40-60-80-(T) Wall Mount Speakers


DC-52-62 ​ Outdoor Wall Mount Speakers


DC-50-60-T Outdoor Wall Mount Speakers


DG-LCF-40-50/51-60/61-80/81 Outdoor Wall Mount Speakers DG-LCF Series

DG-FX40-FX50-FX60-Outdoor Wall Mount Speakers-0

DG-FX40-50-60 Outdoor Wall Mount Speakers


DC-52-62/62LCR ​ Outdoor Wall Mount Speakers